Case Studies

We encourage you to browse our case studies to get a feel for how we’ve handled a diversity of client projects.


Green Bee Maryland

Green Bee Maryland’s debut website is one of the most comprehensive examples of our full suite of web services in action. Barry Thompson (Green Bee’s man in charge) came to us with a concept for a new business model and the need for a website to flesh it out, break it down and make it accessible for potential clients, and develop a brand in line with the Go Green movement. Read more.


The Venture Platform

Designed especially for arts organizations and individual performing artists, The Venture Platform required designing and integrating a purpose built event management system into an existing customized publishing platform. In addition to the unique and highly successful programming challenges, Heatherstone entered into a unique business relationship focused on revenue sharing the annual license fees and a no-nonsense approach to pricing custom programming for individual Venture users. Read more.



The Armed Forces Association came to us with a need to bring its annual print directory, the United States Military Purchasing Directory, to the web. We provided two applications. The first was for contracting officers in the military seeking vendors who sell everything from fruit to religious vestments to nuclear reactors. The second was for vendors looking to be listed and willing to pay the subscription monthly fees. Read more.


Grove Printing

E-commerce solutions have become fairly straightforward for most industries. When buying a necklace or even a T-shirt with different size and color choices, the transaction is done. With printing, however, the purchase isn’t the end of it, as the buyer has to upload files, there might be issues with the files, and so on. With our client, Grove Printing, we built a sophisticated e-commerce system and back-end workflow management system for staff to track every job from initial purchase to shipped order. Read more.