Grove Printing

Project Overview


E-commerce solutions have become fairly straightforward for most industries. When buying a necklace or even a T-shirt with different size and color choices, the transaction is done. With printing, however, the purchase isn’t the end of it, as the buyer has to upload files, there might be issues with the files, and so on. With our client, Grove Printing, we built a sophisticated e-commerce system and back-end workflow management system for them to track every job from initial purchase to shipped order.

Programming Highlights

  • We built a custom e-commerce interface specific to the printing industry
  • We integrated for credit card processing
  • For shipping, we’ve integrated UPS rate calculations so customers can real-time pricing
  • Once an order is placed, the buyer has a screen for uploading files which are then stored in an Amazon S3 bucket – inexpensive and virtually unlimited storage for the large files required for high resolution printing
  • We built an internal messaging system that sends email, but also records communication related to the job as a permanent record
  • As jobs pass through the various statuses, Grove can manage the job through a sophisticated production manager system, including grouping jobs into sheets for gang-run printing
  • Buyers are automatically informed as jobs pass through each stage of production

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