Aaron Overton

Aaron Overton

Aaron Overton founded Heatherstone and continues as the producer and lead technical developer. He is also responsible for the future vision of the company, including internal product development like SellerTrax, PressTrax, and QwikAssess.

His technical talents are broad. He is able to write specifications, design and implement databases, develop user interfaces, and write code in a variety of languages.


Aaron has been a programmer for over twenty years, including three years at Microsoft developing web-based community engagement software. His clients have included the large organizations such as the National Academies of Science, the Federal Home Loan Banks, Discovery Communications. His development efforts have also been employed by several government agencies include the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and the Nuclear Regulatory Agency.

Beyond these large organizations, Aaron’s work has benefited hundreds of smaller businesses, local government agencies, and non-profit organizations. He has recently contributed user-interface expertise to Uber Entertainment for the video game Planetary Annihilation.

Beyond Programming

In addition to his work as a developer, Aaron has published tabletop miniature wargames (Shock Force and GWAR: Rumble in Antarctica,) directed television programs produced at Montgomery Community Media, appeared as a regular panelist on Montgomery Week in Review, taught advanced computer programming at Wheaton High School in Maryland, and served as Cubmaster for Cub Scout Pack 1758.

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