The Venture Platform

Project Overview

Venture-dropshadowDesigned especially for arts organizations and individual performing artists, The Venture Platform required designing and integrating a purpose built event management system into an existing customized publishing platform. In addition to the unique and highly successful programming challenges, Heatherstone entered into a unique business relationship focused on revenue sharing the annual license fees and a no-nonsense approach to pricing custom programming for individual Venture users.


  • Creating a dynamic event management system with multiple levels of taxonomy that is capable of identifying not only events, but individual occurrences per event.
  • Occurrence controls include ability for user to set date, time, venue, ticket price, and ticket URL per occurrence.
  • Designed several event widgets that allow end user to filter event display parameters based on multiple taxonomy.
  • Extensive expansion of existing admin control panels as well as incorporating event management universal settings into existing admin panel UX.
  • All custom features functionality are incorporated into a single child theme and single plugin, making ongoing updates and maintenance less time consuming and easier to install.


  • The project was designed as an ongoing provider relationship, with Heatherstone receiving a share of annual gross revenue in exchange for providing ongoing updates.
  • Heatherstone is the exclusive provider for all custom programming work vis-a-vis Venture user requirements.
  • Streamlined project management makes communication efficient and productive.

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