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Work Smart. Play hard. Build Awesome.

Meet The Team


Aaron Overton (Tach)

He was there for the start of the Internet and built amazing websites from the outset. He also owns the company. Kakow.


James Fye (Shrimp)

Learning things is his cup of tea. His enthusiasm for his work makes people want to come back saying I want it done better and more efficient. Pretty fly for the Fye Guy.


Brittany Holt (Domino)

Content and layout (and some admin stuff) are her strengths. She will also helpfully correct your English. In a nice way.

SEO Manager

Xander Hall (Gunner)

Get seen and know the words to use to make that happen. Xander is all over the idea of how this links to that.

Graphic Designer

Vineeta Hendry (Volcano)

Eight tweaks later, she will find it acceptable for others to view. If it doesn’t look awesome now, it will be when she’s done.

Work Smart. Play hard. Build Awesome.

Twitter feed

@heatherstonewebSep 21
Finally got around to adding SSL on our own website, as we should. It was super easy after moving it to @SiteGround. #secure
@heatherstonewebSep 13
A great tip for blogging topic ideas is to browse Pinterest #blogging
@heatherstonewebSep 13
Attending a Blogging Meetup at Innevation. Lots of great stories about people and their challenges to just get goin… https://t.co/r2apn4lJG8


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