Your business isn't to build software

Your business is to bring your product to market and make your customers' lives better.

Developer or not, you often need software, systems, databases, hosted solutions, and more. You may not have the staff to build and manage all of that in-house. So how do you get all that done—and done right—without immediately undermining your core productivity?

Hire us. We build those things for you, short term or long term. And when you want to transition to an internal team, we help you hire our replacements.

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As Liam Neeson might say, we have a very particular set of skills. We build front-end software in React, an active choice of platform based on careful evaluation of where we could specialize to the best effect for our clients. Our back-end systems are built on the Amazon Web Services ecosystem, where we will apply services like Lambda and DynamoDB for low-cost but scalable pay-as-you-go systems or EC2 and Amazon RDS for always-on, server-based systems. We tie these together to create complete, end-to-end solutions.

If you really want the Google or Microsoft platforms, or Angular or Vue are hard requirements for your project, we are comfortable saying up front: that's not us. We prefer to know our chosen tech stack deeply. Our specialization serves you better.

We like action. We are doers. One thing we've done is build a set of baseline, reusable libraries for common functionality that lets us get the basics of any system up and running quickly. Then we iterate rapidly such that you get visible progress every step of the way.

Even as we are setting up basic infrastructure (like AWS Control Tower so your project has separate development and production environments, or GitHub repos to store your code and automate deployments), we are also working with you to figure out what we need to build unique to your business. We use an agile development process to track progress and know what to do next. We wireframe and build rapid prototypes in Figma so we're all in agreement about the UX before we get started.

This process allows for immediate and sustained progress, along with the agility to adjust and adapt as new information comes to light. We check in early and often, so if we need to course correct, we can do so rapidly. No more waiting in suspense for a demo that may or may not delight. 👋

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