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Aaron Overton

Heatherstone is me, Aaron Overton, except when you get really big with your project and I need to find some helpers.

I’ve been a programmer since 1990 or so. I got my Computer Science degree in 1992, while working a New York City law firm, building database tools for the accounting department.

I moved to the Washington, DC area as my oldest daughter, Elizabeth, crept up on school age. She’s a web developer now, too, working for a pretty cool company that I don’t compete with. I’m pretty proud of that.

I did a lot of freelance programming for enterprise companies and government agencies throughout the 1990s. I got into web development in 1994, when there barely was an internet.

I took a hiatus from self-employment for a few years and worked at Microsoft on a web team delivering a pretty cool web property. Microsoft managed all their beta programs through that system for quite some time.

Now I am in Las Vegas, living where other people vacation, and building a lot of WordPress plugins and CakePHP apps. I really like helping marketing agencies with the harder code tasks where they just don’t have the in-house staff to get it done.

Give me a shout. I’m pretty friendly.

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