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Google Analytics: Section Overviews

Google Analytics: Section Overviews

If you run a business with a website, then you should be using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the most popular, online measuring/tracking tool. Now, if you don’t know why you need a measuring/tracking tool, let me inform you. After you install Google Analytics into your website, you are then able to track your visitors and where they go on your website! (sounds a little bit scary eh?) Using this online tool provided by Google will not only let you know what’s working on your site, it’ll also make you aware of what’s not working on your site and what you should be fixing. Now, that you have a general understanding of this awesometacular tool, I want to cover more in depth, the overviews of each individual parts of the tool and what they are used for.


Google Analytics offers 4 foundational parts of all the data that you should know on your website. The first foundation part is of course, your audience. When clicking the audience tab, you will have a plethora of information handed to you (depending on how popular your site is). You can see in the graph below that this data can track how many visitors and sessions (A session is whatever a user does on your site within 30 minutes) appeared on your site daily.

Line graph You can also see in the next graph of data, that you can not only change the metrics you are looking at but you can compare the data of any given metric as well. Below, we changed the first column to pageviews and the next column to bounce rate. Therefore, we can see that the bounce rate is considerably high compared to our page views. So, we then have a better understanding and idea of what should be changed on our site for better activity!

line graph


There is of course, much more data involved here in the audience section alone. As you can see in the graph below:




This tool is great for not only knowing the very rudimentary data but also knowing the more in-depth analysis as well. You can see in the image below that we can see where are tracking is coming from. This is called acquisition and it is something that as business owners, we need to know. This data shows you where your traffic is coming from, it’s also a very important piece when it comes to online marketing. You can see that right now; The data is tracked by top channels:

  • Direct
  • Organic
  • Referral
  • Social

This is very valuable because you have a second pair of eyes when it comes to your social media marketing, PPC ads and Search engine optimization.

pie chart

Do keep in mind that this is just one component of many other components. There’s multitudes of data that can be linked to your Google AdWords account, social media and Google Search Console.



So, you know who your audience is and where they’re coming from, but do you know what they are doing on your website? The short answer: If you have Google Analytics then yes. As you can see below we can select what post/page most of our visitors clicked on and the data:

Data behavior

By knowing the data involved in a certain page we can then alter it for our users later. For example, if a post didn’t do too well then, we can edit the necessary changes for our users. With consistent testing and implementation, we can then see how this page is doing compared to other pages on our website.



Knowing conversions is what business owners want. We all want our viewers to come and check out. With conversions you can set goals and see if you your viewers are doing what you intend them to do. This should be the first thing you do when setting up your Analytics account. Make goals and track the data along the way. The data that we covered above will tell you all that you need to know about what you should be doing to have conversions on your website.


That’s A Wrap

Furthermore, using this free to play tool provided by the largest search engine on Earth, is exactly what you need to make your business even more successful. If you are interested in learning how to use this tool I suggest you hop over to Google Analytics Academy.





Xander Hall
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