Authoring Plugins

Level up your skills with this two day course teaching you how to create WordPress plugins that provide practical extension to features valuable to your clients

This hands-on, two day WordPress seminar and workshop teaches the fundamentals of WordPress plugin development from the very beginning.

You will receive expert guidance from our instructor who is present in the classroom with you (not remote and on a projection screen!) You will write a working WordPress plugin with a set of features similar to those used by professional developers every day.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to create an efficiently working plugin
  • How and why a plugin is developed in object-oriented style
  • Actions and hooks as the mechanism to extending WordPress features
  • Using custom post types and custom taxonomies to keep content manageable
  • Creating new WordPress widgets with flexible options
  • Developing shortcodes to make content editing work better

  • The right way to add Javascript and CSS to your site from a plugin
  • Making Ajax calls to provide a better interactive experience
  • Adding settings and tools pages to the WordPress dashboard
  • Writing plugins that don’t conflict with each other
  • Using version control so you never lose your work
  • Installation options: Dashboard, FTP, and Git

As time permits, our instructor will also answer WordPress questions, in detail and with code demonstration, that arise during the course of the day. There will be opportunity in the afternoon for participants to practice what is learned working on their own projects with direct support available the entire time



2 days

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Participants are expected to bring a laptop, as we will be getting stuff done, not just talking about it. Wifi is available in the classroom.

Basic familiarity with writing code, especially some understanding of PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, will be extremely helpful. This is not an introductory course about how to write code. Free courses from sites like are a great starting point to make sure you are ready.

Courses are held at Technovation Solutions, 4530 S Decatur Blvd, Suite 202, Las Vegas, NV 89103