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Work smart. Play hard. Build awesome.

CakePHP Application Development

CakePHP makes building web applications simpler, faster, while requiring less code.

Automate Your Workflow

As much as we love WordPress, sometimes there are applications where it’s just not the best solution. A common scenario is where there’s a need to automate a back office workflow process that’s more about data than about sharing content. For those, our application framework of choice continues to be CakePHP.

Now in its 3.x release cycle, CakePHP is a robust and mature framework that leverages the popularity and stability of PHP while still using the same underlying principles of frameworks like Ruby on Rails. Data-driven applications can be developed far more quickly with frameworks like CakePHP because we’re not spending time writing code to do tasks like saving data to the database or routing a request to the right function.

Tasks that are still using lots of paperwork or manual data-entry into Excel spreadsheets are great candidates to save time, labor, frustration, and money with a web-based application. Our experience with solving these kinds of problems goes back even before the web to the days of client-server desktop applications. Deploying powerful applications today are far easier and accessible even to small businesses thanks to amazing improvements in the technology.

Work Smart. Play hard. Build Awesome.

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Talking to a client about a custom sync tool, #Salesforce to #QuickBooks. I️ like doing integrations.
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Thanks go out to @itrogers, really good presentation about page load speeds and WordPress. #WordCamp
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Critical path CSS is intriguing as a solution for even more page load optimization. #WordCamp


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