Tech skills are in such demand that there just aren't enough of us who know how to build things to go around. Even a minuscule share of the overall marketplace for web development keeps us plenty busy. We do the world some good by helping as many other people as possible pick up some skills to help out.

That's why we started Heatherstone Academy. We felt so strongly about it that we converted our .com website from what you are reading now about our software development work into the one to promote our courses.

If a business owner wants to pick up some skills and learn to build his own website, we are happy to teach that. To keep it cost effective, we do that in a group setting.

If someone wants to start learning how to be in the business of building websites for others, we will teach her how to get going. We will be available to later help her along the way to pick up more skills and expand that business.

We also think this is something that can start with people quite young. There is no reason that a high school student couldn't learn enough skills to be employable, whether self or by others, to start making a good income promptly upon graduation. Maybe even before. That lets college be one choice of many rather than some kind of default position. We don't think that going to college just because everyone says that's what you do is a very good reason, especially now that it is so dreadfully expensive.

Take a look at our courses over on Heatherstone Academy. If you think we should be teaching something else, let us know your idea and we'll see what we can do about that.

Let's get started

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