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Aaron Overton, Senior Instructor

Aaron started as a professional programmer in 1990 and has been building practical, effective, and attractive software and websites ever since.


Aaron’s┬ácareer has undergone┬ámany changes as he adapts to ever improving technology. The database apps Aaron built on his IBM PC-AT with the 4-color VGA monitor were amazing – at the time.

From there, his experience has included the earliest days of the web, e-commerce before Amazon, client-server database applications for government and enterprise business clients, and modern web apps from WordPress to CakePhp and, most recently, React and Amazon Web Services. He even spent three years as a feature program manager at Microsoft building a v1 web property.


On the education side, Aaron has delivered numerous seminars and workshops on a range of technology topics. He taught advanced computer science at Wheaton High School in Montgomery County, Maryland for two years. He has also regularly appeared on Montgomery Week in Review, a local TV program, as the technology and education expert panelist.

Today, Aaron is an enthusiastic resident of Las Vegas and founder of Heatherstone Academy. He is personally committed to helping others learn technology and programming, gaining all the rewards of a valuable and rewarding career. His ability to break down complex problems for the learner to readily grasp is the polar opposite of the inarticulate programmer.

I still learn new things every day. You can, too. With the right instruction, it isn't as hard as you think to get a better career and make more money!


Beyond his own programming work and teaching, Aaron is an avid gamer and enjoys many evenings streaming on Twitch while playing video games with his lovely (and fellow gamer) wife, Nhu.

Email Aaron directly at overton@heatherstone.com with any questions.

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