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It seems like nobody knows what a website should cost. Prices are all over the map, from do-it-yourself free or near-free to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The website, originally estimated at $94 million, ended up costing around $2.1 billion.

Below are a lot of words, necessary to really explain how much we charge and why. We think the transparency is worth the words. We don't like going to pricing pages on websites only to find "call and we'll tell you," and we're pretty sure you don't either.

A Website That Delivers

Infrastructure, design, and automation that builds your business

Most websites don’t do anything.

A website should exist to actively build your business, producing real results that you can measure. And you don’t have to be standing by to make it happen, which makes it one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal.

If your website isn’t growing your business today, it can be. We build websites that are marketing engines, with tracking, measurement, and automation. That turns visitors into customers.

What makes a website work?

We construct lead generation engines with automation

An active, useful website doesn't just look professional, it conveys your brand. It delivers four clear messages: a hook that intrigues the visitor; benefits that sell the visitor on your product; features that make it clear why to buy from you; and a clear call to action that initiates the relationship.

A visitor that takes that action gets directly into your system, which we also build for you, and is already at least a warm prospect rather than a cold lead.

The next steps continue to guide your prospect toward a sale through immediate automation so you don't have to drop everything in order to have success. For some businesses, this can turn the prospect into a customer without any human intervention. There’s no loss due to timing or lack of information.

Different from the usual website

We don't do commodity sites because we want our clients to be successful

A “commodity” website allows a business to check the box next to "has website"—and that's about it. The design is pre-selected. It may be populated with basic text, or filler for you to update later. The end result will scream “template.”

Commodity sites are cheaper. This makes sense because they don't really do much for the business.

Starter questions like “What are three sites you like?” or “What is your logo and what colors do you like?” are clear indications you're buying a commodity site. That conversation should start with questions more like, “What product or service do you provide?” and “How does your product benefit your customer?” and “What is the desired outcome of a visit to your site?”

Sites built through thoughtful design and clear calls to action lead to real income in your pocket, generating a positive return on investment rather than becoming another unfortunate expense.

What does it cost?

Since this was going to be your first question anyway

Base: Custom-designed website build-out, Keap + 5 starter campaigns (4 prebuilt, 1 custom) plus contact transfer and training
Option: Detailed marketing review + written report with strategic guidance
Option: High-touch design process with individualized attention + design workshop at project kickoff
Option: Expanded Keap package (5 more custom-built campaigns + additional coaching with sales/service staff to drive results)
Option: Custom features/functionality specific to your business. We can build just about anything

Why Keap integration?

Yes, we insist you include this on your website

Lacking a clear call-to-action kills website effectiveness, plain and simple. Whether you’re thinking of it in these terms or not, it’s probably one of the reasons you’re shopping around. But what is done with the contact information even when a visitor provides it? Usually, not much.

A business owner is always busy. Follow-up is hard. Solving this one problem can single-handedly produce dramatic new success.

We could build websites without automated follow-up, but such sites are so much less effective that our work ends up as an unfortunate expense instead of a valuable force multiplier.

We picked Keap as our CRM and sales & marketing tool of choice because of its powerful features and competitive pricing. We’re also really good at it (and can train you or your team to be, too).

How does Keap work?

Keap stores visitors’ data and delivers automated, multi-step follow-up

Visitors providing you with their contact information is an exchange: you offer something they perceive as valuable, and in return, you get a lead.

When a form is completed, the data is stored in the Keap Customer Relationship Manager. The record gets something called a “tag,” which initiates a campaign.

That campaign follows a series of actions, like sending an email or a text, presenting a special offer, providing more detail about your product or service, gathering more information, or even making decisions about what’s next based on what the recipient does.

The result is a dynamic give-and-take that brings your visitor closer to or even through a sale in a fully automated but engaging manner.

Your starter campaigns

5 Keap campaigns are included in our base package

Keap is a sophisticated platform and getting started can be daunting. We make sure you see value right away.

Since Keap tracks your contacts and you probably already have a lot of those, we'll get your account set up and help you import them into your new system.

Then, we have four pre-built campaigns that are designed to be universally useful without much tweaking required. We will load those into your account, make revisions to suit your business, get them connected a contact form (or perhaps multiple forms) on your website. Campaigns kick off as soon as a visitor clicks submit.

We will also work with you to create one custom campaign. This lets you see how they are built, gives you training on the process, and lets us develop something unique to your business. Armed with your newfound Keap knowledge, you’ll be prepared to tweak the others as needed and create a new ones altogether.

Expanded Keap package

More custom campaigns for faster results

Since Keap is flexible and powerful, you might want to add more campaigns, automating more of the communication that happens in your business.

For example, maybe you'd like an automated process that follows up after you send out a proposal. It can detect whether someone has opened the first email or not and respond accordingly. Perhaps you'd like to add a step that sends a text message or delivers a pre-recorded voicemail, skipping the ringing that would normally happen.

With the expanded package, we'll work with you to build out five more custom campaigns and do some additional training or coaching. If you'd like us to do a presentation for your sales or service staff to make sure they understand the purpose and how to use it, we can do that too. Staff buy-in is important for getting results.

All of that is with an experienced Keap/InfusionSoft certified consultant.

Our Design Approach

Design is a strategic opportunity

Let’s talk about off-the-shelf templates. They can look slick and get you excited. There’s just one problem: the content on them is not yours, which means the design itself will never have been made for your audience.

When you take a pre-existing design and try to make it work for you, you’re retrofitting. Instead of identifying your primary messaging and calls to action, deciding what to prioritize, and creating a design based on that, you’re left to squeeze things into the places that seem to work best based on how the made-up filler text used to sell you the template was laid out.

At the core of our design process is the principle that content comes first. This ensures the most important information is front and center from the start. A beautiful, brand-promoting look and feel is layered over this thoughtful underlying structure to create websites that prioritize the right things at the right time, resonating with your audience and reinforcing your underlying marketing strategy.

Your Design Process

Thoughtful design is our standard

At project kickoff, a detailed design questionnaire is among our first requests from you. You’ll walk through your brand, your goals, your aesthetic preferences, and more in a progressively completed, interactive survey. As you might have expected, this covers content and visuals in equal measure. Ask questions as you have them; we’re there to help. We’ll also collect relevant design assets and files from you.

This initial information gathering is followed by a one-to-one design review where we’ll talk strategy, approach, and creative direction to make sure everyone is on the same page.

We provide wireframes to define content hierarchy followed by full-color mockups that demonstrate final layout and look and feel, gathering feedback along the way. With your final approval, we prepare to build your design into a fully functional website.

Enhanced Design Package

For those who prefer a more high-touch process

With our enhanced design package, get individualized attention from a dedicated designer who serves as your point of contact through the duration of your project.

Begin with a design workshop, where we’ll get to know your brand, goals, and aesthetic preferences in real time. Your designer will lead you through a series of questions and exercises one-on-one (or in a small group session, if there are multiple contributors). Afterwards, there will be plenty of opportunity for more fluid discussion.

Post-deliverable feedback gathering will be similarly high-touch, with scheduled phone calls to talk through design iterations.

You’ll also receive a digital style guide which can be used to contextualize your brand and visuals for future vendors, partners, and employees, ensuring consistency and cohesion as new assets are developed.

Marketing review and report

Optionally, we can isolate your marketing message that drives design

Sometimes you come in knowing your audience, with a clear idea of how to describe your offering effectively. Sometimes it’s less clear, or you’re still in the process of developing strong messaging. If you have ever found yourself struggling to describe what you do to someone, an outsider’s evaluation can have massive value. That’s where we come in.

We’ll do a Q&A, review any content and materials you have, and provide a detailed report and recommendation on an effective strategy at the core of your website.

That informs the design work that follows.

Building the website

Our curated infrastructure

We build on WordPress using the GeneratePress theme. This gives us the ability to deliver totally custom designs while empowering your content editing capabilities post-launch as you continue to maintain and mature. We’re conservative in our use of plugins, using several that we know and trust. We vet the code, which is an important factor in both site speed and security.

We test in all major modern browsers (including mobile browsers—responsiveness is a given, that’s non-negotiable for any modern website), and follow best practices for accessibility and performance. (These aren’t just build concerns. You’ll hear us make reference to them all along the way to get you the best possible end product.)

Custom Features

Sometimes you need something truly unique

We can build just about anything into your website. WordPress is extremely flexible, allowing us to develop custom functionality to meet your needs without compromising your content editing capabilities.

We are also able to integrate with other systems so the website works with, rather than separately from, other tools you may use. (Salesforce is a popular example.)

Prices for custom work are quoted individually. Let us know what you need and assume we can figure out anything.

Get started

What to do next

Call or email us to to arrange the first steps. You got this proposal from one of us, after all!

If you have no website now, we can get a placeholder online for you in a matter of days while we work on the real site in parallel.

Even if you do, we can initiate the design process, get your Keap account set up, and fire up a development site where you'll get to see progress in real time, all along the way.

Need more convincing? Call us anyway and we can put you in touch with other customers who will rave about us happily. Let's get your business growth started today.

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