Up and Running

A comprehensive WordPress workshop to get a new website fully operational in just a few hours

This comprehensive WordPress workshop takes you through the do-it-yourself process of getting your online presence up and running in just a few hours.

You will receive expert advice from our instructor who is present in the classroom with you (not remote and on a projection screen!) Beyond just getting through the necessary tasks, you’ll get guidance on making the right choices along the way.

During the WordPress workshop, you’ll accomplish, with help available the entire time, the following critical tasks:

  • Select a domain name and register it
  • Select hosting and sign up
  • Add the required configuration to get your new domain name working
  • Sign up for and configure working email at your new domain
  • Install WordPress, the world’s leading content management system, and log into your website’s dashboard

  • Pick and install a theme that will provide a professional starting point
  • Learn about resources for adding style, images, and new features
  • Create your first pages and posts so your site has meaningful content
  • Learn about how social media and your website work together to increase traction with your audience

When you leave, you’ll have a fully functional WordPress website, an email account, and clear direction on next steps. Get this critical task off your to-do list in just one day.



3.5 hours


Participants are expected to bring a laptop, as we will be getting stuff done, not just talking about it. Wifi is available in the classroom. Some third-party expenses, such as domain registration, hosting, email, and some premium themes or plugins are the responsibility of the participant.

Courses are held at Technovation Solutions, 4530 S Decatur Blvd, Suite 202, Las Vegas, NV 89103