I bet you've seen WordPress sites before. Not just this one. They are everywhere.

Around 30% of all sites are built on WordPress. If you only think about websites that use a content management system (CMS), then the WordPress share is roughly 59%. That's a lot of sites, because the Internet is all huge and stuff.

Not all these WordPress sites are blogs, of course. They aren't even all basic marketing sites. (We will totally build your marketing site for you.) Many have more sophisticated features, like calendars or team pages or even dashboard with tasks and forms and such you only get to when logged in.

These extended features often require finding one or more plugins, free or premium, that cover all of what you want to do. Too often there either isn't anything that fits the need out of the box or the plugin that does what you want also does 20 other things you don't want and thus becomes difficult to use.

That's where we come in. We know how to design and build pretty much any feature you can think of that will sit on top of WordPress. It's a minority of the projects brought to us that would be better served by something like a custom app leveraging tools like React or AWS. (We do those, too.) Sometimes, due to budgets, we figure out ways to get things done on WordPress even if the cloud tools might be a better choice.

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